Belair Baptist Church is committed to connecting

The word "connecting" has become something of a cliché today, but for us as a Church community it conveys the heart of our intention and our goal as a Church - to connect with God, to connect with each other as a Church family, to connect with our local community of Adamstown and the wider communities of Newcastle, and to connect with the world in supporting a range of aid and mission endeavours occurring throughout the world.

We are a Church that is family friendly - with enjoyable and informative programs available for adults, children and youth.

Our Church services at 9:30am are vibrant and relevant, focused upon connecting with the heart of God and the plan of God for us as individuals as a Church.  


Not boring and not "over-the top"

We are a Church that believes in the Bible as being the word of God and as contemporary today as it was when first written. It is our primary guide for life.

We value family and friends and seek to be a place where lifelong friendships can be established and maintained.

We want to introduce people to their life purpose as determined by God and to provide opportunities to serve within the Church and the community in a range of areas that will provide a sense of purpose and fulfilment.

We would love you to come along and check us out one Sunday morning or evening, or give us a call at the Church during the week.