Belair Tourers

Who are the Belair tourers?

We are a group of Christian friends interested in cars “old, new and special interest”, touring our wonderful Hunter region, eating out or picnicking and enjoying the fellowship of likeminded  people. The events are for couples only; we love our kids but don't bring them with us :-)

What do we do?

Members take it in turns to organise an outing generally after church on a Sunday every couple of months, runs generally consist of a drive, lunch, and another interesting activity, i.e. visiting a gallery, museum etc

Note: We are not an exclusive club, in fact, most events are advertised in the church bulletin. Let us know if there's anyone else, including non-church friends, who we should invite. These outings are a great opportunity for ‘friendship evangelism’. Please let us know if you have a good idea for an outing or if you would like to organise an event. Communication is via email. To contact everyone simply hit the  REPLY ALL  button in your email program.